Tracy's journey with the Pi 4

After looking (and ordering - backordered) an ASIAIR Plus, I got to doing some research and figured that I might also want to try another system since I do have 1 QHY camera that could be used for planetary capture.

So, now began the hunt for somewhere with a Raspberry Pi 4GB in stock. If you go to the Raspberry site, all their associated vendors were out of stock. I did luck out and find 4GB and 8GB kits in stock on Amazon. I debated long about whether to get the 8GB one or not, but decided against it as 4GB on a simple Linux system has always been more than adequate. Then on top of that, the ASIAIR only has 2GB of RAM, and uses many of the same drivers, so I should be good there.

Amazon product

I decided that since I would not always be around WiFi that had internet access, I wanted a real time clock for the system also - and those are only about $15.00

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