Handy mobile apps

A few mobile apps that I constantly use. I have an iPhone and an iPad Pro that I use quite a bit (since I also use StellarMat OS currently).

First on the handy list is PS Align Pro (link is to the IOS version). A similar program can be found on Google Play here. These programs really help with your polar alignment if you have a manual alignment scope on the mount. The IOS version also has a balance scale built in, but since I don't have an Android device I'm unsure if that application does. These apps will help with your polar alignment tremendously as they give you a visual aspect that most GOTO mounts do not on the hand controller. Where this is handy is on the 2 SkyWatcher EQ mounts I have that had the polar alignment scopes in place, NONE of the clock faces were correct, requiring you to tilt your telescope RA frequently to get it to "look right"... which is simply more mass movement that can knock it off somewhat when returning the scope to where it needs to be to start the 1-3 point alignment process if using the hand controller.

Next up, and definitely one of my favorites on the iPhone is SkyVIew. This is one I use every night that I'm out to do captures with to familiarize myself with what I can see and locate what I want to capture since my FOV is limited from where I normally do captures. You can get a lite version, or the paid, which is what I use. The Android Play Store version of the lite install is available here.

Another program that I'm beginning to gain trust in and like is Good to StarGaze (IOS version). Generally it has been pretty accurate. There is a lite version that gives you 1 day forecasts. If you want extended forecasts, it is about $30 USD to subscribe per year. And Android version of this software is available here.
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