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For sale Mount & Tripod EQ35 Pro & EQ Mod cable

William Optics branded EQ35 Pro kit


William Optics branded EQ35 Pro kit
This is a William Optics rebadged EQ35 Pro.
It has all the issues that are present with any older (this one is around 4 years) EQ35 Pro with tracking issues due to its design. When balanced correctly, I usually get between 1.0-1.5 TMRS with it with the 72mm scope shown mounted. With my larger 103mm ZenithStar equipped for astrophotography, it was more than the mount could support and track reliably (that was the scope it was sold with and would be fine for live viewing only).
I simply need another mount that supports more weight due to my NexStar 8se that plan to use for astrophotography and even the Apertura 72mm with my optical rig that I use... I'm pushing on the upper end, and am comfortable on the Apertura end.. but want to upgrade to something that allows capacity for both.
I have stripped the DEC axis shipping grease (which was really "gummy")and replaced it with Mobil 1 synthetic. The RA axis has not been cleaned and updated yet .
The polar alignment scope does have cracks in it as during an attempt to align it with the axis, the lens fell out and hit the ground.
Since the rig was set up for use with StellarMate OS, for me the polar alignment was not an issue. It still works fine.. you just see cracks though the view port (and that's why the price is reduced).

This is an image of the kit with the Apertura 72mm hooked up.. ALL that is included is the mount, the tripod , 2 counter balance weights and the hand controller/cables. The telescope and other equipment mounted is NOT included.

The rig includes 2 7.5 pound counter weights.
It also includes an EQMod cable to allow you to use the controller box directly with a computer. If you don't want this cable, the price can be reduced by $30.

Purchaser will be responsible for shipping. I am willing to deliver within 30 miles of the 75801 zip code free of charge.
I will ship via whatever shipper the buyer desires .. but the shipping total will be added to the price and included before the transaction is closed. Please check as to what shipping approximately 25 pounds from the 75801 area code, so you can check on shipping costs via UPS, FedEx or other that will make pickups in East Texas.

If using PayPal for payment, there will be a 3% surcharge for transaction fees, making the total $412.00.

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