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For sale SBC Orange Pi 3 LTS

2GB RAM, 32GB SD card with Ubuntu and Kstars/EKOS installed on it


2GB RAM, 32GB SD card with Ubuntu and Kstars/EKOS installed on it
This is the Orange Pi 3 LTS that I used to create my article here with. I was planning on using it for captures with my DSLR, but since I have upgraded both my main capture systems to mini PC systems, my RPi 4s that I was using are now in a "standby" mode, so I don't need this.
The case has been modified and an external fan has been attached to assist in cooling and prevent throttling for those nights of capture when it might be rather warm out (which is normal here in Texas).
The unit has a 32GB SD card (shipped by GeekPi with unit). This SD card has the official install of OrangePi Jammy on it (using default passwords) and also has EKOS/KStars installed on it and the data files installed (as outlined in the article that was created using this device).
If you are going to do much capturing with it, I would recommend getting at least a 128GB SD card and then using Balena Etcher to create a backup and then copy the installed card to the larger card.


As you can see, there are a few scratches on the soft plastic on the side the SD and power is on (from trying to plug USB C in while dark and didn't have my red headlight on). The crack near the fan is from having to drill through two pieces of plastic on the case to create the mount holes for the fan. This case was not designed for a fan, so that's why it's mounted externally. Here in Texas it gets rather hot in the summer and I found that without active cooling, the SBC computers like this and the RPi 4s tended to throttle themselves on some nights.

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