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Wanted Telescopes for use by local astronomy group


Got an old working telescope and mount that you don't use any longer and willing to donate to a good cause? Doesn't need to be a top tier telescope.
I am in the process of getting a local astronomy group started, and it's in the plans to have star parties, so telescopes for use by visitors are always good in that scenario.
I have 2 telescopes and a set of astro binoculars set up for use by them, but a few more intro level telescopes are always welcome.
Decent astronomical binoculars are welcome also.
These are targeted towards getting others involved in astronomy... specifically at our junior high school and high school level students.
If you have anything like that, that is in working condition (or even if only needing minor repair) and would like to donate it towards the "cause" it would be welcome.
I'm targeting about 3-4 more telescope setups, and at least 3-4 more binocular/monocular systems, and that should get the group in a comfortable range of available hardware. I already have 2 mid-tier telescopes/mounts set up for use by the group, and have 1 set of Celestron binoculars on on hand to use.
Looking for East Texas area (Anderson County) and willing to drive up 120 miles to pick up.

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