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Sales AstroShop.EU

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stroshop.eu is right for you:​

  • If you are new to astronomy and not yet certain which telescope or binoculars is the right one to get started with
  • If you're a big nature lover and want to finally see the universe with your own eyes
  • If you are interested in science, and now want to explore the connections for yourself with high-quality telescopes
  • If you are an advanced amateur astronomer or astrophotographer and need professional equipment
  • If you are simply looking for a great gift for children or adults alike
  • Do you want to be a part of the astro community? To be one of the few people who know what the sky above us looks like? Then we are here for you.

How did our story begin?​

Gazing into the sky far away from the city. Thousands of stars. A pleasant coolness. There’s a shooting star. And the feeling of being totally alone with the universe.
Born out of our passion for astronomy, Astroshop.eu has become one of the largest telescope dealers in Europe. What started in 2000 as a small company run from their garage by brothers Dominik and Ben Schwarz, is today a company with more than 70 employees and branches and showrooms in eight countries.
Our range caters for enthusiasts and beginners, ambitious amateur astronomers, and professional observatories who specialise in research and teaching.


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