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Astronomy Clubs

The Astronomical Society of East Texas (ASET) is an astronomy club dedicated to the pursuit and promotion of amateur astronomy in the East Texas region. Most members live in or about Tyler, Texas, but some of us live as far away as Palestine (Texas) and Longview.
The Austin Astronomical Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that exists for the benefit of people interested in astronomy and space science. We provide opportunities for continuing education of society members and the general public. We conduct astronomy-oriented social events...
Members of the Brazos Valley Astronomy Club are an enthusiastic group of amateur stargazers who live in and around Bryan and College Station in the Brazos Valley of Texas. The talents of the members range from purely observational astronomy to planetary and deep sky observation and photography...
Every third Saturday of the month we offer an Open House at the Meyer Observatory near Clifton, Texas. Registration is encouraged, and we have an indoor program in case of cloudy weather. We also host other public stargazing events (star parties) at various locations in Central Texas. Please...
The Fort Bend Astronomy Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the acquisition and dissemination of information pertaining to the science of Astronomy. Located in Stafford, Texas, FBAC's goal is to serve not only our members, but the general public as well. FBAC members hail from all...