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High Point Scientific

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High Point exists to coach and nurture aspiring amateur astronomers and astrophotographers through their celestial journey! Our founders believe that the experience you have with the company you purchase your astronomy gear from sets the tone for the experience under the night sky.

We sell time machines! Telescopes take us to a distant place at a distant time millions of light-years away. These are technical instruments, there is a learning curve associated with them and they require experienced, expert support. Our team of product advisors and technical support specialists is rigorously and continuously trained. They have over 150 years of combined experience serving the amateur astronomy and astrophotography community. We’re not talking 150 years of combined experience recreationally using the gear we offer. We’re talking 150 years of combined experience, in the thick of it, as a full-time career, serving the community day in and day out with exceptional customer service. This is what makes us different.


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