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Media comments

  • Phone-taken Milky Way
    Generally the software reads the EXIF data directly from the image itself. Depending on what it was edited in it may have used old image EXIF data if the software had a bug.

    No matter what it was taken with, that is a very nice wide-field image.
  • Moon mosaic
    Yeah, as I commented I’m not really into the intra-solar stuff currently. There is so much in the deep space to hold one’s interest.
  • ISS
    The only times I've seen the ISS being tracked by the mount itself was with really large/professional mounts, especially at the long focal lengths needed for satellites. The errors in the 'casual/consumer' mounts are pretty large for this kind of experiment...
  • Moon mosaic
    From what I've imaged, there are quite a few comets that are really big in the sky.
    I remember one which was done at 750mm last year and the comet barely fit in the view (with the tail). So shorter is sometimes better, not to mention Neowise... :)
  • Phone-taken Milky Way
    Whoa didn't even see that!
    I'm really confused. Could it be because of the export? (I was editing some other images taken with a Nikon at the time) I don't know...
    But this image, in particular, was taken with the phone. I remember editing it...