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ASCOM DarkLight Cover/Calibrator

Free ASCOM DarkLight Cover/Calibrator 2023-10-04

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The DarkLight Cover/Calibrator, known going forward as DLC, is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution using an Arduino Nano, servo motor, and if desired, an Electroluminescent (EL) Panel. This device aims to act as a dust cover for remote telescope users, and a calibration panel if desired. With the DarkLight, fully compliant, ASCOM driver, the cover can be operated using the DLC Windows application or any automation software supporting the ICoverCalibrator driver in ASCOM v6.5 or newer.

While this device DOES NOT make the scope weatherproof, it is an excellent addition to any observatory to accomplish hands-off control of the cover. If elected, it can be expanded to include a hands-off dark/light calibration capability for astrophotography.

There are currently two versions of 3D parts, which have been designed for the Takahashi FSQ-106N and the Explore Scientific ED102 Essential Series but may fit other telescopes depending on their size. The two variations will fit dew shields with an outside diameter of approximately 146.3mm and 156mm, respectively.

All files can be printed on beds that are at least 200 mm.


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