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Free ASTAP 2023.07.09

  1. Windows 32 bit
  2. Windows 64 bit
  3. Max OS X 64 bit
  4. Linux 64 bit
  5. Linux 32 bit

1. Native astrometric solver, command line compatible with PlateSolve2.
2. Stacking astronomical images including dark frame and flat field correction.
  • Filtering of deep sky images based on HFD value and average value.
  • Alignment using an internal star match routine, internal astrometric solver.
  • Mosaic building covering large areas using the astrometric linear solution WCS or WCS+SIP polynomial.
  • Background equalizing.
3. FITS viewer with swipe functionality, deep sky and star annotation, photometry andCCD inspector.
  • FITS thumbnail viewer.
  • Results can be saved to 16 bit or float (-32) FITS files.
  • Export to JPEG, PNG, TIFF( ASTRO-TIFF), PFM, PPM, PGM files.
  • FITS header edit.
  • FITS cropfunction.
  • Automatic photometry calibration against Gaia database, Johnson -V or GaiaBm
  • CCD inspector
  • Deepsky and Hyperleda annotation
  • Solar object annotation using MPC ephemerides
  • Read/writes FITS binary and reads ASCII tables.
4. Some pixel math functions and digital development process
5. Can display images and tables from a multi-extension FITS.
6. Blink routine.
7. Photometry routine
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