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Astro Pixel Processor

Paid Astro Pixel Processor 1.083.4

  1. Windows 64 bit
  2. Mac OS X 64 bit
  3. Linux 64 bit

Demo:  Yes
One of the main goals in the development of APP, is to make a complete Deep Sky Image Processing application that maintains ease of use while automatically using the most advanced algorithms to provide excellent results without the need to tweak dozens of parameters. APP will give very good results with default parameters on a wide range of datasets.

The diversity of datasets from all users in the Deep Sky imaging sphere is huge and this is the main reason that explains, why it is very difficult to make an application that simply works on all datasets. And, at the same time, gives excellent results straight out of the box.
Messier 31 - The Andromeda Galaxy Mosaic in 8K resolution by Frank Schmitz Pelican Nebula Close-up by Sara Wager, APOD 2017-08-03Barnard's Loop, M78, ldn1622
By focussing in development on this particular goal, APP is now being used from absolute beginners in Deep Sky astrophotography to professional astronomical institutes around the world. APP is easy to work with and its results are very competitive as a lot of APP users will testify.
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