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Astroberry Server

Free Astroberry Server 2.0.4

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Astroberry is a full flavor remote desktop system, designed for Raspberry Pi. The system can be accessed via a web browser or VNC client from any location in the world! It sits at your telescope, wherever it is, and lets you remotely control all your astronomy equipment from behind your desk, using recognized astronomy software such as KStars, Skychart/Cartes du Ciel or Stellarium. You can slew your telescope by simply clicking on a skymap, change focus, capture images, plate solve images and much more!

Astroberry Features​

  • Support for Raspberry Pi 3 and 4, Pi Zero and... probably any other Raspberry Pi version released so far
  • Official Raspberry Pi OS Desktop by Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • APT repository for Raspberry Pi OS (yes, now any Raspberry Pi OS user can install Astroberry Server with 'apt install')
  • Web interface featuring GPS Panel and Astro Panel (celestial almanac for your localization)
  • Astroberry Wireless Hotspot allowing to access the system directly i.e. without external wireless network eg. in the field
  • Remote desktop accessible over VNC at astroberry.local:5900 or a web browser at http://astroberry.local/desktop
  • INDI framework with all available device drivers
  • KStars planetarium software and Ekos with all available device drivers plus custom astroberry drivers
  • SkyChart / Cartes du Ciel planetarium program (only in precooked image)
  • Hallo Northern SKY planetarium program (only in precooked image)
  • CCDciel capture software (only in precooked image)
  • Astrometry for field solving (index files not provided and must be downloaded separately)
  • ASTAP, the Astrometric STAcking Program (only in precooked image)
  • PHD2 for autoguiding
  • Gnome Predict for satellite tracking
  • oaCapture for planetary imaging
  • FireCapture for planetary imaging
  • SER Player for watching captured video streams (only in precooked image)
  • Astroberry DIY drivers for focuser and relay board
  • Astroberry PiFace drivers for focuser and relay board
  • Astroberry Motor HAT for focuser based on Adafruit Motor HAT
  • Virtual GPS for users who do not have GPS device
  • File sharing server allowing for network access to captured images
  • Support for raspi-config (console) and rc_gui (graphical UI) for easy configuration of Raspberry Pi options
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