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Free AstroDMX 2.1

  1. Windows 64 bit
  2. Mac OS X 64 bit
  3. Linux 64 bit
  4. Raspberrry Pi

AstroDMx Capture is a cross-platform astronomical image capture application developed on Fedora Linux and now ported to the Raspberry Pi OS (32 and 64-bit), macOS, Windows 10/11 and ChromeOS running under the Crostini virtual environment.

Nicola Amanda Mackin started the AstroDMx Capture project in 2017 to produce a stable astronomical imaging application for use with the Imaging Source DMK, DFK and DBK range of cameras. Since then, the project has grown into a fully featured astrophotography application, which now supports many specialist imaging devices.

The software supports some of the most popular astronomy cameras, together with ZWO motorised filter wheels and also UVC devices. It also supports various capture cards, which, for example, allows the use of frame integrating analogue video cameras. As of version 2.0.2, support now includes INDI mount, camera, focuser and filter wheels.

AstroDMx Capture is an on-going project and additional functionality will be added as it evolves.
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