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Astronomical Telescope "Hadley" - an easy assembly, high performance Newtonian

Free Astronomical Telescope "Hadley" - an easy assembly, high performance Newtonian 2023-10-16

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Meet Hadley.

Hadley is a very performant telescope that - after printing - should be as easy as IKEA furniture to assemble. Just screws and glue.

Building a telescope is the best way to learn how one works.

The mission here is to make an attractive alternative to the shoddy, hard to use "hobby-killer" scopes in the $100-200 range. It still needs a mount (basic woodworking or a beanbag, or even a sturdy clamping tripod for now), but it performs intuitively and flawlessly. "Hadley" is a 114/900mm reflector with a spherical primary, effectively a perfect parabola at this size.

This functions equally well as a terrestrial scope (great for bird-watching) or a slow (f8) zoom lens for a camera - but it really shines in its primary purpose, which is for visual and photographic astronomy on planets and the moon. It is my hope that by releasing this, more people will find an open door to planetary observation and entry level astrophotography.

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