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Crayford focuser for Hadley telescope

Free Crayford focuser for Hadley telescope 2023-10-16

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This is a modified mounting plate of 1.25" Crayford Focuser for telescopes by aeberbach for use with Hadley telescope. This focuser is a massive upgrade in functionality compared to any printed helical focuser. Attaches to the Hadley UTA by 4 M4x12 hexagon socket cap screws.

For assembly instructions and rest of the files follow the linked original.

Build tips​

If the holes in the focuser pinion block are too small for your springs, you can add negative volume>cylinder in the slicer to make custom sized holes for the springs you find.

10x2 extrusions are typically easier to find than 10x3 (10x2 brass shown on the photos) and are also usable if you print three 1mm thick spacers to go with them.

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