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Dobsonian StarSense Celestron Adapter

Free Dobsonian StarSense Celestron Adapter 2023-10-04

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I own a StarSense Explorer Dobsonian and wanted to be able to move my smartphone and adapter over to my other Dobsonians.

The original docking bracket is pretty much hard screwed onto my Celestron Dobsonian and I don't want to muck around unscrewing and drilling hole in other telescopes. The base radius of the original dock which is attached to my smaller Dobsonian also makes for complications if moving it over to a larger aperture telescope so;

I found the best way to do that was design my own smartphone adapter dock that I could just print off and attach to any of my other larger Dobsonian finderscope brackets, then simply move my Celestron StarSense Explorer smartphone adapter over to the new bracket and leave the original bracket on the Celestron Explorer.

My finderscope bracket is right on top of my larger telescope so this new dock sits perfectly on top of the tube. Bear that in mind if yours is on the side.

I have designed it so now there are a two options that might help you.

  1. Dovetail Dock (StarSense Dobsonian Base MAIN) with Finder scope attachment (StarSense Dobsonian Top MAIN) as a two piece, bolted together.
    Needed: 1x M5x20mm Bolt plus Nut.
    Needed: 1x Original securing nut.
  2. Dock as a one piece
    Needed: 1x Original securing nut.
The side thumb screw support hole is 5mm. I have used the original securing nut, but a 5-6mm bolt basically self threads itself through the filament in the hole, and no actual guiding thread needed.

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