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Free Lucky Stack Worker 2024-03-17

  1. Mac OS X 64 bit


LuckyStackWorker is a desktop application that aims to simplify and speed up post-processing of planetary, lunar and solar image stacks that are the result of popular stacking software like AutoStakkert by automating the post-processing process. It provides quick bulk post-processing of Solar System Object image stacks captured with the so-called Lucky Imaging technique by using a Telescope and an Astronomy camera. The recordings are typically done using software such as Firecapture and afterwards stacked to single images. The application allows you to immediately apply the same operations to all your stacked images in one mouse-click.


  • Automatically applies the settings on all image stacks in the same folder of the same object. Picking the best stacks from one nights session becomes straightforward.
  • Different setting profiles per object allows for easier workflow with less need to change the settings each time.
  • The real-time feature links the automatic processing to the batch process of the stacking software used
  • Recalls your settings (profile) from earlier processing sessions for each object & stack file.
  • Recognizes objects by the name of the file, provided it was captured with Firecapture and stacked with Autostakkert. Automatically applies the correct object settings upon opening a reference image.
  • Sliders allow very precise settings and view the effects immediately. No need to undo settings as they are always re-applied against the original reference image. Settings are also saved immediately.
  • Very effective and easy to use sharpening functions using an adaptive sharpening algorithm that prevents color noise, ring and clipping artefacts such as on planets.
  • Multiple denoising algorithms and options available (such as Ian's NR, Savitzky-Golay 2d filter and Sigma filter).
  • Available for Windows, MacOS and most Linux distro's.
  • Free for personal and commercial usage (MIT License). No need for costly commercial photo editing suits (such as Photoshop) or outdated software (Registax).
  • Modern Look-and-Feel and using Dark mode to reduce eyestrain in dark locations at night.
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