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Paid Prism 2022-08-03

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Operating System
  1. Windows 64 bit
  • Cartography module
    A cartography module (virtual planetarium) to conduct effective and relevant observations.

  • Support for CCD / CMOS cameras
    Support for astronomical CCD / CMOS cameras, and eight cameras at the same time.

  • Online help
    French-language software, with online help and tutorial videos.

  • Powerful pre-processing
    Powerful pre-processing functions to remove all quality-damaging artifacts from raw CMOS and CCD cameras.

  • Optimize your images
    Image processing functions to get the most out of your images, in color or monochrome.

  • Automate your observations
    An automatic observations module, allowing you to automate your observations remotely and while sleeping soundly at night.

  • Create your functions
    A scripting language allowing you to build your own functions, specific to your needs.

  • Image analysis
    Image analysis algorithms allowing astrometric and photometric reduction of your data, search for asteroids, diagnosis of your telescope, and more...

  • All in one software
    Prism brings together different features that are distributed among several expensive software.

  • Attractive price
    At a very attractive price compared to the competition.
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