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Free PyAstro 2022-08-06

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  1. Windows 32 bit
  2. Windows 64 bit
  3. Max OS X 64 bit
  4. Mac OS X 32 bit
  5. Linux 64 bit
  6. Linux 32 bit

The following is a list of the plug-ins available in PyAstro the indicated sub-menus:

1. Color Tools:
  • Auto set black point
  • Bayerize image
  • Clip image brightness
  • De-Bayerize image
  • Enhance dynamic range
  • Invert layer
  • Merge color channels
  • Neutralise sky color
  • Pick out stars
  • Purge red sky
  • Scale image brightness
  • Scale image darkness
  • Split color channels
  • Undercut image brightness

2. Effects:
  • Enhance star colours
  • Enhance star luminosity
  • Enhance using SVD layers
  • Round stars
  • Set image dark sky
  • Star haloes

3. Layer Tools:
  • Divide layers by flat
  • Merge all layers
  • Save all layers
  • Scale brightness of all layers
  • Scale darkness of all layers
  • Set all layer modes
  • Stack image layers
  • Stack star layers
  • Stack sun layers
  • Subtract dark from layers

4. Misc Tools:
  • Image file converter
  • Image list converter
  • Image quick save
  • Pixel peek
  • Resample image

5. Sharpen:
  • High pass filter
  • LRGB sharpen
  • Smart sharpen
  • Unsharp mask
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