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Sequence Generator Pro

Paid Sequence Generator Pro 4.0

  1. Windows 32 bit
  2. Windows 64 bit

Demo:  Yes
Renewal Cost: $59.00
Sequence Generator Pro is best in class automation software for astrophotography. With it, you can sequence and coordinate all of your gear in order to make the most of your time under dark skies. Those nights are rare enough as it is… no need to waste precious time fighting with gear. SGPro will control your camera (CCD, CMOS, Canon, Nikon), filter wheel, focuser, mount, camera rotator, flatbox, dome or roll-off roof observatory, weather stations and more. It is perfect for beginners and it has enough power to suit even the most demanding photographers. If you are just starting out, don’t be intimidated by that list of gear! All you need to start using SGPro is a camera. For the rest of it, SGPro will grow right alongside your new gear and skill level over time. You can be rest assured that you won’t need to purchase new software once you become an intermediate or expert level photographer. Even better, if you decide to just dabble in astrophotography, the free version of Sequence Generator (Lite) will likely meet all of your needs. Sequence Generator Lite, despite being free, is still more powerful than even some other paid versions of software. Over the years it has become increasingly difficult to effectively convey what SGPro does for you, but here is a list of the highlights. Take your night back! Look at the stars, watch TV, even sleep… let SGPro take care of your rig and relax.

Equipment and Software
  • Compatible with ASCOM (QHY, Atik, Apogee, StarlightXpress and others), SBIG, QSI, FLI, Nikon and Canon EOS Cameras (DIGIC III and up)
  • Compatible with all ASCOM, SBIG and FLI Color Filter Wheels and Focus Controllers
  • Compatible with all ASCOM Telescopes / Mounts
  • Compatible with Pinpoint and Elbrus plate solving software
  • Compatible with PHD, Astroart and MetaGuide auto guiding software
This software uses a subscription based format... you pay the initial fee and then yearly updates (currently at $59.00 USD a year).
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