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The Astrophotography Planner: Second Edition

Paid The Astrophotography Planner: Second Edition March 13, 2022

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Author:  Charles Bracken
The Astrophotography Planner, Second Edition, will help you make the most of every clear night. Knowing when an object is optimally placed in the sky is critical to gathering the best data. This new edition features an expanded list of objects and revised charts to help you plan and optimize your astrophotography.

There are charts and maps for 87 of the best areas of the night sky for those in the northern hemisphere. The charts reveal how many imaging hours you can expect for each area on a given date, as well as the times it will be best positioned in the sky. The maps show a wide view to help you decide how to frame each object. Three years of daily information about the moon is also included to further assist with your planning.
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