NUC BeeLink U59 (N5105 processor)

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Amount Paid: 179.00
Where purchased: Amazon
Overall, this has been a very decent unit. It is responsive as far as the hardware goes. I purchased the 16GB/512GB version from Amazon.

The biggest downfall of this unit is the simple fact that the cheap WiFi 6 adapter it has built in is NOT currently supported under Ubuntu 22.04 (or any of its family line). This causes major issues if you are using this device to connect to via WiFi. It has no issues if you use the shipping Windows 11 Pro on it and install something like N.I.N.A. or a similar Windows based capture solution.
You can get around this if you can find an older USB WiFi USB adapter that is supported by Linux.. but even this is somewhat difficult unless you order online, as most of your "big name" sores that you can purchase immediately from have USB WiFi adapters that probably aren't supported (I have 2 that are in that scenario). I actually had to compile drivers for the Broadcam USB WiFi adapter I was able to obtain.
Another issue.. this unit uses M2 SATA drives. Most of these type units use NVMe drives. The one benefit of the M2 SATA interface (and design) is I was able to add a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro drive in and assign it (under StellarMate X OS) as the capture drive.. which gives me a lot of storage for captures and a comfortable margin for the OS and related needs.

If you are willing to put a little work in, this can be a very decent product. I am currently using it with StellarMate X OS.. and as long as you have decent WiFi strength this unit is responsive.

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Fairly small form factor.
Plastic case should help keep from retaining heat
Comes with fan to help cool system down in hotter environments

WiFi 6 chipset is not currently supported under Linux, so you have to add an external USB WiFi adapter that is supported.
Uses older M2 SATA drive instead of the newer M2 NVMe drives.

Would recommend:  Yes

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