Other Buckeye TriBahtinov mask for Celestron 8se

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Amount Paid: 27.00
Where purchased: Buckeyestargazer.net
While researching some devices to attach my capture rigs to the telescope, I came across Buckeye products. They are 3D printed and had noticed that several online vendors sell his product (at a marked up price).
I have Bahtinov masks for my other scopes, and figured it would not hurt to have one for the NexStar 8se since it can be rather finicky to get into focus.
The unit arrived in 3 pieces that needed to be assembled. Assembly is very easy as you simply snap the little connectors together then slide the circle into the center.
This has worked well in the one time I had it out to try it, but since I had not built my dew heater controls I could not test it extensively. It worked almost as well as my William Optics Bahtinov masks.

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Light weight.
Easy to break down for storage if needed

Only concern is how long the small locking/join tabs will hold up if you assemble/disassemble regularly for storage in your case.

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