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Nice app/website to see how the viewing for your location is for the night

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This is an IOS app that I use and it is also available on Android through the Google Play Store.
I have been using the base version for a few months, and have found it reliable enough that I decided to subscribe to the paid level that allows me to have a longer forecast available.
During the time I have been using it, I have found it to pretty much reliable... with many a night that looked bad during the day turning out to be a nice capture night, and the app supporting that position.

The paid subscription level allows you to use it on multiple devices with the extended forecast.
There is currently an issue with the vendor having problems getting the latest version out on the Apple Store. The current version still works well, it's just not the latest features.
He does provide a website that you can place a link on your phone, but two issues I've found with it are that it sometimes forgets your login information (requiring you to log in) and that it asks for permission to use your location every time you open the link. Not the most ideal scenario.

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Have found it to be very accurate.

The IOS app is no longer being updated. The Android app gets regular updates.
The webpage that he refers you to will forget your login at various times.
On my iPhone, every time I open the link on the screen it requests permission to use my location. Not a big deal, but this only had to be given once in the app.

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