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Amount Paid: 70.00
Where purchased: Kendrick website
I realized a while back I really needed to obtain a couple of dew heaters for my ZenithStar 103mm rig. After a lot of research, I finally settled on Kendrick's dew heaters as they were well-spoken about by those who had purchased them.
I ordered direct from their website, and after a short period of time the heaters came in. I had no real initial complaint with their build quality... but that did change on the 4" scope heater after a short period of time.
I found an issue that when the cable to the power source was put under any tension, the cable sheathing decided to part ways with the base that plugs into the power source.
I could probably contact Kendrick and get a new one shipped as this might be a manufacturing defect... but it took awhile to get the initial order in, so I am simply going to work on seeing if I can find something similar to "contact cement" to re-secure that sheathing.

Even with that issue... I would recommend these heaters.

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Seems to have quality components in general

The sheathing on my primary scope heater decided it wanted to "part ways" with the mount base... they really need to figure out a better way to seal (heat?) the two together. Kind of disappointing for a heater that is more expensive than the "generic" ones you can get from most major vendors.

Would recommend:  Yes

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