SBC Orange Pi 3 LTS

Single board computer

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I have written an article in reference to this device.
But in nutshell, it may work fine for other users, but it's still not ready for prime time for use with astrophotography when compare the Raspberry Pi.
The biggest issue I had was utilizing alternative OS's on the unit. You pretty much have to rely on the SD card even though there is EEMC present (albeit only 8GB). The problem I ran into was that Debian would NOT play nicely with tightVNC, which is the VNC server I normally use on Linux.
Every time you set up Debian, it worked great... UNTIl the point you installed tightVNC. Once you did that, ANY login attempt would fail on my setup.
I was able to install Ubuntu "Jammy" on it and get it to working with tightVNC, but the unit regularly loses connection or resets itself.

This unit can be made to work for astrophotography using INDI/EKOS/Kstars, but you need to realize the limitations ,and the fact that it may become unresponsive while in heavy use.

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Price is right
Ubuntu Jammy seems to work well with tightVNC

Does not play well with Debian (xfce) and tightVNC
Unit has a tendency to become non-responsive at various times, specifically when under any load.

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