Power Distribution Pegasus Power Box Advanced (Gen 2)

Pegasus mid-range power distribution system

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Amount Paid: 349.00
Where purchased: High Point Scientific
This is a great solution for those that want a centralized power distribution solution.
This unit has 4 powered USB ports, 2 dew control ports (software controlled), 4 12 volt power outlets and one adjustable power outlet (3, 5, 8, 9, or 12 volts).
The unit also ships with a temp monitoring option.

I've had great luck with this unit so far.... until tonight. I am in the process of fabricating a mount to place my new Intel NUC and the PBBADV on. I removed the old mount and was in the process of creating some paper templates for mounting brackets for this unit when I noticed a rattling coming from inside like something was loose.
I removed the cover and found one of the PCB board screws rolling around on the board. I do NOT know how long this has been like that... so I don't know if it may have done some damage.


I checked the other screw that held the board to the case and it was about 1/2 out (you can see it's sitting "high" in the above image). I tightened it up and then replaced the other screw where it belonged and snugged them down.

I will be creating a ticket with Pegasus Astro since it should still be under warranty... and I want to make sure I document it since it's going to be several days before I can get it back out and September will be here by then.

EDIT (08/29/2023):
Turns out these have a 2 year warranty. I got a response from Pegasus and they admitted that it appeared to be a QC issue and that they would investigate it. They also confirmed that if I have any issues, they will be glad to warranty the unit.

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Compact in size.
Has plenty of ports for power distribution and powered USB hub.

Quality control appears to be lacking.

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