EQ SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro

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Item cost: 2100.00
Where purchased: Agena AstroProducts
What can you say about this mount that hasn't already been said. It's a solid mount (albeit HEAVY) for captures. You get 44 pounds of capacity, which should comfortably carry any but the largest capture rigs.
I use two of these currently, one with my ZenithStar 103mm rig (which sits at about 22 pounds fully loaded for DSO capture) and then another for my Apertura 72mm rig (which may weigh 12 pounds at the heavy end).
I get VERY solid tracking with both units using simple guide scopes with them. The worst TMRS I have seen was about 1.3 and that was on a VERY poor viewing night.
Would I sometimes wish I had a harmonic mount? Yes, when I'm tired and don't want to have to horse the units around... but when I want solid reliability.. I'll stick with these units., especially if it is windy.
You can (if you are patient) catch this mount on sale for only a few hundred more than an HEQ5 Pro.. which is a more lacking mount. My second unit was purchased on sale when I was originally looking for a new mount and was about to pull the trigger on the HEQ5 Pro, until I heard a sale was in the works... and I was MORE than glad to pay a few hundred more for a rig that gives me additional expansion capabilities.

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Solid, if not heavy unit.
Both units have a very acceptable tracking with no need to modify it.

Solid, and VERY heavy unit.
If you have to transport the setup very far... you better have a decent wagon or a VERY strong back. These units are made out of what appears to be cast iron and are very heavy. This helps them... but it also hurts them.

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