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I've been using Stellar Mate OS on my Raspberry Pi 4's for a while. I've really liked the way the OS and the software worked (you can do the same on a self rolled system) but was really appreciative of the cell phone (or tablet) app that they offered.
The one big complaint that I had with it as that it ran on the Raspberry Pi 4's. That platform is decent for a SBC setup, but is still somewhat slow and is very dependent upon SD cards to run the OS as well as do the captures.
Imagine my joy when I learned that Stellar Mate, in addition to offering a NUC platform themselves, were going to offer the OS the same way that they did with their RPi4 version.
If you are already familiar with Indi/EKOS from running your own Linux setup, you will be perfectly at home with this solution... and the topper is the fantastic mobile app they offer.

In a nutshell, this is a Kubuntu install running EKOS/Indi on an x86 platform, with all the benefits of more memory and faster drives.
I am running this setup on both an Intel NUC 11 and a BeeLink U59. The BeeLink U59 had issues with the onboard WiFi 6 adapter (not supported currently under the Linux kernel) so I had to obtain a WiFi USB adapter that was supported to provide WiFi connection.

Overall, these units are MUCH more responsive than the Raspberry Pi 4 solutions were. The only way I would go back to the RPi 4 setup is if my current NUC's go down for any reason, and it's why I keep the RPi 4 in a backup position. And when you consider the price of an RPi4 with 8GB of RAM and a decent 256GB SD card... you are getting into the price range of a Intel/AMD based NUC system (at the time of my RPi 4 purchases as they were hard to obtain).

StellarMate X OS can be ran on pretty much any 64 bit capable x86 system. That includes laptops, desktops, mini PC's and even many thin clients. When deciding on what to run it on, you need to take into consideration on how you can provide power to the computer, how you will mount/locate it in relation to your telescope mount and how you can run the necessary wires from the device to the associated telescope components.
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Ubuntu based
Uses the standard EKOS/INDI setup that many are used to

Since this runs on Intel based systems, some of the newer NUC systems will not have supported WiFi chipsets and you will have to pursue alternative solutions (usually an older WiFi USB adapter).

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