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Amount Paid: 79.00
Where purchased: Agena AstroProducts
Since I recently added an ASI533MC Pro to the stable, I realize that I would need to be running filters with it. This camera is mounted on an Apertura 72mm APO refractor as the primary device and it has a reducer attached that can take a filter in it. I did NOT want to have to be messing with my optical train throughout the night, nor did I want to limit myself to any particular target formats for the night, so I decided to get a filter drawer for the telescope optical train.
With the good luck I've had with other ZWO items, I decided to go with their Generation 2 filter drawer. I ordered it from Agena AstroProducts, and it was delivered about 4 days later. I have NOT had the chance to use the drawer yet, but it is in my optical train. From some testing, I saw NO extra light intrusion into the optical train from it during some test darks. This drawer does NOT have a filter installed yet as I have yet to decide on which filter to go with first.
The build quality is typical ZWO... a brick outhouse. It is VERY solidly made, the magnets for holding the drawer in place do extremely well no matter the filter drawer position.
This drawer comes with an adapter in case you need to convert the 48mm on the end to a 42mm thread. This would usually be the case when you were trying to mount your filter as close to the camera as possible. When mounting the filter directly behind something like an image reducer, typically you will be dealing with the default 48mm threads.

This is, in my opinion, a VERY well built option. The ONLY issue is being able to grab it (and the secondary filter drawers) when they are in stock.
After ordering the initial setup, I ordered a drawer specific to the Gen 2 from Agena and got it in a timely manner... I don't really need either of them yet, but with the current state of the "politics" going on between Western countries and China, I figured I would come out ahead by going ahead and ordering it in.

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As with most of the ZWO optical train items, this one is VERY well made. It's fairly thick aluminum and it will take the place of one of your 21mm spacers that you use in your optical train.
No apparent light leak with no filter in place.
Magnet drawer mount system seems to be VERY secure.

Price for what it is. Personally I would think this item would be more appropriately priced in the $50-$55 range.
The magnet that secure the drawer does not do that good of a job. I was simply removing my telescope from the mount the other night and rotated so that the drawer was facing down and while walking it fell out. Had to go back out and find it on the ground. They really need to figure a way to secure it better.

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