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Refractor Apertura 72mm

General Description

Telescope brand:   Apertura
Telescope model:   APT-72EDR
Telescope style:   Refractor
Focal ratio:   5.9
Telescope aperture:   72mm
Focal length:   420 mm
Purchased this telescope from High Point Scientific recently to get a little smaller scope to use than the ZenithStar 103mm.
The telescope seems to be as solid as my ZenithStar in build. The only real complaint I have is the dew shield is strictly friction for holding in place, but they do have a large rubber O-Ring mounted behind it to help keep it from sliding I guess.


Mount Style
Tripod Brand
William Optics
Tripod Model
WO EQ-35
GoTo Equipped
CCD Equipped
ZWO ASI533MC Pro for capture
EAF equipped
EAF Make & Model
ZWO EAF (5v)
Guide Scope
Apertura 32mm
Guide Camera
QHY 5-II color


Your Customizations
Due to the addition of the EAF, I have had to relocate the tracking scope to the carry handle and then rotate the focuser to the top of the telescope tube assembly. The EAF on once side was impacting the EQ35 Pro mount base and on the other the focusing knob was impacting the base screw to tighten the scope into the mount when trying to get to balance point for DEC.

General Info

General Info
Using an RPi4 4GB with Stellarmate OS for control/capture.
Also has an EQMod cable to attach directly to the mount controller so no need to use a USB->Serial converter through the handset.

Hardware information

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