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My battery box

My battery box

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I purchased a Camco 55373 Large Battery Box from Amazon along with the power ports, volt meter and switches.
The battery was also purchased from Amazon. This is a deep cycle GEL battery and allows mounting in any position. The measurements are 7.68 inches x 5.16 inches x 7.13 inches. Battery weight is 23.15 pounds.

The Camco box is equipped with two switches. One is a master power switch that activates power for the outlets and any other attached devices. This switch also has a red LED indicator to prevent impacting night vision. The volt meter is also a red LED and mounted to the front of the box to be easily viewable but not in direct line of sight.
Inside the box the master power switch goes to a 8 way blade fuse block holder which then distributes power to the various outlets and devices and each has its own fuse. There is also a master fuse between the switch and the battery positive terminal.
I will be posting images of the internal wiring shortly after I clean it up a bit.

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