Refractor William Optics ZenithStar 103mm

My William Optics ZenithStar 103mm

General Description

Telescope brand:  William Optics
Telescope model:  ZenitStar 103mm
Telescope style:  Refractor
Focal ratio:  f/6.9
Telescope aperture:  103mm
Focal length:  768mm
This is my Williams Optics ZenithStar 103mm refractor telescope. It has a 50mm guide scope using an ASI290mm camera. It is also equipped with an Agena Multi-Reticle Reflex Finder.


I currently have a 28mm William Optics Swan 2" 72° eyepiece and a 40mm William Optics Swan 2" 72° eyepiece.
I am using RotoLocks for the tracking scope to hold the ASI290mm camera in place. I also have RotoLocks for both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces for the scope.
With the 0.8 William Optics Flattener/Focal reducer (6AII) the rig is f/5.5.

The main camera to use with this configuration will be my ASI533MM, which you can see mounted here along with the RPi running StellarMate OS. There is a 4TB external HD mounted below the RPi.
Yes, tracking scope needs to be straightened...that wasn't done at time of image.


And a few captures done with it.

There was a major failure in the hardware between the ring for the optical train and the actual tube scope. I ended up being able to repair it with J-B Weld, but it was not an ideal solution as I could have easily gotten the image train out of square. William Optics no longer offers this telescope nor any replacement hardware for it since it is simply a rebadged offering. The bad thing was, I had only used it about 20 times before the failure became obvious.

Image from after the fix.

General Info

General Info
Using Kendrick Astro Products dew heaters that connect to the PPABV.
Currently using an Intel NUC 11 for captures using StellarMate X OS for captures.

Latest updates

Have upgraded from the William Optics EQ-35 Pro to a Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro.


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Hardware information

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Additional information

Mount Style
German Equatorial
Tripod Brand
Sky Watcher
Tripod Model
EQ6-R Pro
GoTo Equipped
CCD Equipped
ZWO ASI533MM Pro with 8 position filter wheel
EAF equipped
EAF Make & Model
ZWO EAF (5v)
Guide Scope
William Optics 50mm
Powered rotator
Guide Camera
ASI290mm mini
Power Distribution box
Pegasus PPBADV

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