Other Any specific event you get excited for?


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As an astronomer, there will be times when an event is coming up that you get excited for. Some events are in most cases a once in a lifetime opportunity but others could be something that happens every few years that you like to be able to capture when it happens.

What would you say is your most exciting even as an astronomer?
Now that I have my scopes and the equipment to do decent captures... I would REALLY like for another decent comet to raise it's head.
So far, in my short exposure, it's been the supernova in M101 (Pinwheel Galaxy).

If you look in around the 11 o'clock position, you can see a bright point of light. That is supernova SN 2023 ixf.
This is a quick processed image pre-supernova (last capture was only a few days before it showed up).