Apertura Apertura 72mm APO refractor with William Optics M-CAA63 camera rotator


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Yes, you can replace the Apertura 72mm APO refractor camera rotator with the William Optics rotator (part #M-CAA63. which is better designed) with a small amount of work.
You need to remove the Apertura rotator from the telescope. Then you need to remove the black ring that separates (for mine) the rotator from the Apertura flattener by loosening the three grub screws that are present on the knurled ring. The red arrow points to the threaded portion that this knurled ring was attached to, where the arrows are the grub screw divots that kept the knurled ring in place.


Once you do that, you can remove that ring from the Apertura rotator and then screw it into the "back" of the William Optics rotator and snug the grub screws back down. Then you can attach the flattener to the William Optics rotator and enjoy having a rotator that has markings on it instead of being a blank ring.

What you end up with is this (red arrow points at the knurled ring removed from the Apertura rotator).


The added benefit is the William Optics rotator shorter (by about 15mm) than the Apertura rotating ring as well as having markings for repeatable use on them.
One word of warning... it will throw your focus point off. My normal focus was sitting around 14800 on my EAF with the OEM rotator. With the WO rotator, it's now sitting at 19481.

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