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No filters for it yet... but at least I'll have the camera on-hand do work with some targets that don't require SHO processing. I can target those more towards the ZenithStar 103mm with the ASI533MM Pro. I debated the ASI294MC Pro or this one.. but i like the newer sensor, and realize that I can always do mosaic if the target doesn't fit fully in the sensor range. This camera will be targeted towards the Apertura 72mm APO refractor, and the ASI585MC that I have will be used with the NexStar 8se for planetary captures, with the future ability to use the ASI533MC with the NexStar 8se.

But what SHO style related filter would you recommend for this camera? The Optlolong L-eNhance, the OptoLong L-eXtreme Dual Bandpass or another for DSO nebulae captures. I guess what I'm gettin gat, in addition to one of the above listed filters, what other(s) would be suggested.

I could have gotten the ASI294MC Pro, but I figured a newer chipset, albeit at a square format, would put me a few steps ahead as I can always learn how to shoot mosaics for those large targets, but you can't improve the chipset on an older camera as easily.

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