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Deep Sky B33 (Horsehed Nebula) revisited


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Found my old data that I thought I had deleted on the Horsehead nebula and decided to try reprocessing it using the NB Colour Mapper script.
So far, turned out fairly nice. Still playing with tweaking some of the settings for that script.

B33 _reprocessed_100123.jpg
Gain:  101
Offset:  50
Exposure Time:  90 seconds
Camera Temp:  -5°C
  1. Ha
  2. SII
  3. OIII

Camera:  ZWO ASI533MM Pro
Color palette:  Other (detailed in post)
Telescope/Lens:  WO ZenithStar 103mm
Mosaic:  No
I hold the copyright:  
  1. Yes

Same data reprocessed using the FORAXX PixInSight script (BlurXterminator & NoiseXterminator applied).

B33 reprocessed FORAXX process 103023.jpg
Have another 2 hours of the Horsehead nebula data obtained ( the clouds are killing me), With the currently incessant cloud cover, this additional time was MOST welcome.
This is the target processed with the NB Color Mapper script in PixInSight. The rig used was the ZenithStar 103mm and the ASI533MM Pro optical train.

B33- NB Color Mapper - v1.jpg

This is the same data processed with the Foraxx script in PixInSight.


I do plan on working on masks in PI so that I can "enhance" some of the colors in the images. I'm hoping (since tonight shows on my sky app to be "clear") to get a few more hours in.
I have also been working on capturing some LRGB to add to the image.
Have a few more hours in on this target thanks to two decent nights recently.
All capture settings are the same as original post, just more time.
This image was processed using PixInSight and color combination (HOO) then stretched with HT and BlurXterminator and NoiseXterminator used.

B33 - 022124 HOO.jpg