Mini PC BeeLink U59 (N5105 Celeron/WiFi 6 version) and Ubuntu WiFi issues


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If you are looking at the BeeLink U59 with the N5105 Celeron processor and WiFi 6 capability to run StellarMate OS X with... avoid it for right now.
The latest versions of the hardware has a newer WiFi chipset (Intel AX201) in it that is NOT supported by Ubuntu, which is what StellarMate OS X runs. I'm probably going to keep the unit as I like it, and simply (for now) try to find an external WiFi adapter that will work. Eventually they will have Ubuntu updated for the chipset... but it's simply unknown when that will be.

I am tempted to put Windows back on the BeeLink U59 and make it a N.I.N.A. based machine so I can get some exposure to that.

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