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Does anyone know of a site that gives you a list of the best objects to see and photograph every month?

The list available are mostly populated for globular clusters and such, not very exciting to see (at least for me), but none of the 87438382787483 webpages I saw allows me to filter in a efficient manner. I mostly look for nebulosity, the scope is a 135mm with an APS-C sensor so big the bigger the object the better

Sadly, my favourite thing in the sky (M31) is too low and the trees to high from were I am.

Do you have any idea of were to get this better?

I must admit that I´m really not that interested in the classical astronomy so learning the constellations isn´t much of a priority for me, and for sure there will be tools for others like me 😅 c´mon, I can´t be the only one.
I get a regular email from HighPoint Scientific highlighting the best 10 objects for the month, but all of them are not specific to my location.
For a web interface, Telescopius would probably be your best option. I use it regularly also when I have internet access.

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I don't know of any that allow you to sort based upon nebulosity though.

My primary capture software is KStars/INDI/EKOS.
It has the ability to show you what is up for the night and you can limit it based upon magnitude and is not dependent upon internet access.

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It also has a Whats Interesting option.

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I use these in conjunction with a different cell phone apps I have installed to see if the target is within my view since I have trees on most sides of me.
The primary apps I use are Stellarium Plus (subscription), SkyView and Sky Guide Pro (subscription) as each of them do not show all the targets that are found in KStars.

On the M10 that has N.I.N.A. installed on it, I use Stellarium currently for the interface for it.
With it, I can press the F10 key and it pulls up the astronomical calculations (also can be accessed from the popup menu) and then the WUT option.