General Black holes might be home to countles rings of light


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Well, this is interesting, I've actually discovered something new about black holes in this article:

The inner edge of the silhouette’s bright halo is called the photon ring. It marks the closest circuit light can make around the black hole without plunging into it. Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicts the ring’s size and shape, and many have hailed the M87 image as a verification of Einstein’s gravity.

But it seems we did not understand this ring as well as we thought we did. Calculations by a team at Harvard’s Black Hole Initiative and their colleagues show that for spinning black holes, the photon ring is actually not a single ring. Instead, it’s an infinite series of concentric “subrings,” all piled up together, each one thinner than the one just outside it. Careful observations may enable us to use the subrings as a unique window, shining light (pun intended) on the way the black hole warps the fabric of spacetime around it.