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Anybody look at this yet that is more experienced with PI than I am?
It's $99, but if it does what he claims, it might be a nice tool to add to the arsenal.

Very noticeable difference.
May be worth getting. Of course, my processing is going to have to get a LOT better before it does me much good. :ROFLMAO:
The most important thing is getting good data, & that will make processing much easier
Yep... I seem to be getting decent data (for the Bortle 5 area I live in). My main challenge is (and will be for a while) learning how to exactly process it iin PI. One way or another, I'm going to get good with that monster!
It doesn't seem to do all that great on stars (and cropping to enlarge the DSO often lose resolution). That said, the best stars I ever had were from images taken with a DSLR, plain and simple. I sport the ZWO line of cameras, the worst Data I have ever seen (from a long time APer and I own one too) was with Atik cameras. I thought it might just be that user, so I checked on AstoBin and was disappointed to see they all lack resolution.

I realize a lot of people image from less than ideal locations, purchase a whack load of filters, and back it all up with magic software. If one finds themselves cropping to enhance the DSO I believe all fine tuning should be done post-crop rather than pre-crop. Every time I swap my rig over to a different FOV rig I inevitably find a DSO that is less than ideal (too big or too small), never fails.

Another thing we have to remember is the SKY is our boss. We have no control over it. Out of all the data I capture my guess is well less than 10% of it is good. Not me, not my gear but the sky.

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