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Tracy Perry

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For those that may have one of these telescopes and just getting into imaging, I made one of the typical new owner mistakes. Was playing around and decided to use a QHY5L-II-C (bought for a tracking camera on my Williams Optics tube). I "assumed" that you simply placed the camera in the diagonal like you do a regular eyepiece. Well, the old saying about assuming bit me.
What I ended up doing was using the diagonal/eyepiece to locate the object (in this case Jupiter) and focused in on it using a 9mm eyepiece. Then I discovered you have to remove the diagonal and eyepiece and attach the camera directly to the scope. I was using SharpCap and my screen for live view was black. Slow adjustment of the focusing knob resolved that issue.
The viewing that night wasn't that great as we had a thin layer of upper level clouds and a lot of dust in the air. This is a single exposure photo that I got of Jupiter, with minimal processing of any type. If you look closely, you can tell it is Jupiter. :D

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This is the very first photo I have taken with a scope... and I'm at the very beginning of my journey. I hope that the batter camera I have on order will do a better job than the $100 QHY5L.