Mini PC Checking your computer specs carefully


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Have been looking at getting a new mini-PC for use with Windows/N.I.N.A.
Was looking at the MeLe series, but came across MoreFine, who's computers look very similar to the MeLe ones.

The issue I am having is many of their offerings show similar to this:

Screen Shot 2024-03-04 at 2.41.04 AM.png

I'm sorry.. I don't know of any solid state drives that have a rotational speed of 7200RPM.
This is a VERY strong indicator that the drive itself is an older platter style drive (with the associated vibration).
But then in the actual description you see this:

Screen Shot 2024-03-04 at 2.44.17 AM.png

So apparently it does have an NVME SSD in a 512GB size. This particular MoreFine is priced at $149... which honestly is not that bad a price considering you get 12GB of RAM and a 512GB NVME drive. One of the issues I have is I am wanting to work with a passive cooled computer while also running an actively cooled on on the other rig.... and this offering does not specify if it is passive or active cooled.

Another that I am looking at using the N2000 Intel chip.... and it shows the same type of hard drive data but the description states:

Screen Shot 2024-03-04 at 2.55.53 AM.png

This second one shows that it does have a fan (probably a thin-line one due to case size)...
After further research... both MoreFine's have fans on them.
But for the price.... I'm still looking at getting the one with the M10 (Intel N100 based) offering to try out. For $150 it's hard to go wrong.