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We have added a Classifieds area into the site. This feature is basically like Craigslist, except it does not have geographic zones for entry. There IS the ability for those that create an entry to place a location on it, and then those locations be shown on a map that you can view (this may be removed depending on how high the demand on Google drives the numbers of requests via the API - after a certain point they cost and it's not cheap).
The transactions for any deals between seller/buyer are between themselves.
Astro What? simply facilitates the listing of items. We have no input or participation in the payment transactions.

Be aware, ANY abuse of the trust will result in an immediate permanent ban from the site. The ban will not be reversed, even if you make up for the "error" of cheating a seller.
Users will not be able to create ads until they have at least 5 posts. Once that is done, your account will be upgraded (usually within a few hours) to allow you to create an ad.