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A good day to be in the shop, trying to figure out the collimation problems with my telescope. Looks like not just a mirror alignment problem, it has focuser tilt too :(

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That's one thing I do like about my refractor... no collimation with it... but it can suffer focuser tilt. I noticed some "blurring" on some photos and after checking everything I found that the mount screws for the focuser tube into the scope were slightly loose. causing left/right play in the tube. Tightened them up (after putting some blue LocTite on them) and no more issues so far.
I have a NexStar 8se that I know I will have to eventually collimate, but I made sure I made it easier by getting some "Bob's Knobs" for it.
I've been debating either getting rid of the NexStar and getting a refractor (using the money from it to get a better one) or simply buying an intermediate priced refractor to play with. I like how the SCT does for planetary... it really pulls in the planets well.

For some reason the attachments didn't attach. You may want to try to upload them again and if you have issues, please let me know since we have moved over to a new server.
Ya better hurry and purchase it, China may not be shipping to your country soon.

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