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Deep Sky Cygnus Wall


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Trying out a different equipment configuration last night. Here is 89- 180 second stack of the Cygnus wall in the North American Nebula, using the Sharpstar 15028 HNT, ZWO 183MM Pro camera & Antila 3.5Nm Ha filter.
Gain:  70
Offset:  8
Exposure Time:  180 seconds
Camera:  ZWO 183MM Pro


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Great detail!
I'm still in the process of capturing as much data as I can as we have cloudy weather scheduled for the next 7-10 days. And it's honestly been nice out. Currently trying out 20 minute narrow band captures of M1. And honestly, I could tell just from the initial capture image more detail in the longer captures - the others I had been doing were 10 minutes. Was hoping to get some assistance with PixInSight from OhNo, but apparently I ticked him off trying to make his images easier for those on mobile to view and he left.

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