Other Dark matter might be so elusive because it may not exist


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That dark matter and dark energy are mighty mysterious, aren't they? Well, perhaps that's because they don't exist, according to this article.

We’ve long been told that mysterious dark matter makes up the bulk of our universe.

And yet, a new study suggests that this is not – and, indeed, cannot – be true.

The research, published in The Astrophysical Journal, challenges our current understanding of the cosmos by suggesting there’s simply no room for dark matter.

In simple terms defined by NASA, dark matter describes all “stuff in space that has gravity, but it is invisible and isn’t like anything else we know about”.

There may be no dark matter in our universe after all
Interesting article... but it looks like some of his theory is based upon older theories that have been disproven.
That is the beauty of the cosmos... it's so large and we are so small. We will never learn all about it.