Dew Heater DewNot, Kendrick or what?


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With the recent addition of the Pegasus PPBADV and its ability to control dew heaters.. and us coming into fall where we are getting a LOT of dew buildup, it's time to look at dew heaters for the main scope and the guide scope.

I have been looking at the DewNot, and they appear to have a good reputation and be reasonably priced... and made in the USA.

I have also recently read about Kendrick Astro Instruments out of Canada. Their product is "home grown" in Canada also.... but are substantially higher priced (around twice the cost) than the DewNot products.

The Kendrick look nice, in fact a little nicer than the DewNot.... but my main question is performance and current draw. Frequently I'll be running off a LiFePo4 battery.

I see that the Kendrick draw 11 watts @ 0.9 amps. The DewNot equivalent is 7.3 watts @0.61 amps. I realize that they are not ran all the time.... but to me the lower draw would seem to grant you a longer run before drawing down the battery.

What do you currently use on your equipment, if anything. And if not currently using, what have you been looking at?
I`ve run the Kendrick heaters with my old Pegasus Ultimate power box for 3-4 years now with no problems. The Kendrick are well built
I'm no help here, I did the Farmer DIY version.
I ended up ordering Kendrick heaters to use with the power box. Lot of money for little strip heaters... but you can tell that they are quality, simply by the power cables and connectors that they use.

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