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If you are hunting for decent telescopes.. there are numerous offerings other than the boutique brand names (looking directly at you William Optics) out there that offers very similar equipment for a LOT lower price. Two examples of a direct comparison:
Look at the William Optics 71mm APO at a "cheap" price of $1198.00 USD.
Now, let's compare the Apertura 72mm offering that comes with both a flattener and a tracking scope for $780.
Or how about the Astro-Tech 72mm offering that comes in about $700 (no tracking scope).
The quality is similar... and the price on those other vendors can tend to win. One really needs to do their research when dealing with low end (which those price ranges are) telescopes.
This is an image from the Apertura 72mm telescope with minimal processing.

Have you found the "no-name" brands to be the equivalent (or close) to the "high dollar name brand" offerings?